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EBH Music Department

Welcome to the harmonious world of our EBH School Music Department! Here, young musicians embark on a journey of melody, rhythm, and creativity, discovering the joy of music in a dynamic and supportive environment.

Our dedicated music educators guide students through a diverse range of musical experiences, from learning the basics of rhythm to exploring the magic of melody. With hands-on activities, interactive lessons, and a variety of instruments, we nurture a love for music that lasts a lifetime.

The EBH Music Department isn't just about notes and scales; it's a place where students cultivate teamwork, self-expression, and confidence. Join us for lively performances, engaging lessons, and a symphony of laughter as we celebrate the transformative power of music in the lives of our young learners.

At our EBH Music Department, every child is a melody waiting to be heard. Come and be part of the musical magic as we inspire a lifelong appreciation for the art of sound!

More Information about Chorus & Band After School Activities.

Cristyn Reynolds

Vocal Music Teacher
Ellis B. Hyde Elementary
EBH Faculty, EBH Music

Savannah Sherman

Instrumental Music Teacher
Ellis B. Hyde Elementary
EBH Faculty, EBH Music