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Library Media Center

Saragrace Friday

Library Media Specialist
Ellis B. Hyde Elementary, Primary School

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Welcome to the heart of learning and imagination – our EBH Elementary School Library Media Center! Bursting with colorful stories, engaging resources, and a world of knowledge, our library is a vibrant space where young minds can explore, dream, and discover.

Step into a wonderland of books, from captivating picture books to exciting chapter adventures, carefully curated to inspire a love for reading. Our friendly librarian and aide are here to guide young readers, helping them find the perfect book to spark their curiosity and fuel their imaginations.

Join us for story time, explore educational games, and embark on exciting research adventures. Our EBH Library Media Center is more than a room of books; it's a gateway to endless possibilities and a lifelong love of learning.

Come, explore, and let the magic of reading unfold at our EBH Library Media Center – where every page turns into a new adventure!