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Kim Birmingham

Titles: School Psychologist
Phone Numbers:
School: 585-335-4030 ext. 3205
  • Bachelor's in Psychology, Alfred University
  • Master's in School Psychology, Alfred University
  • Doctorate in School Psychology, Alfred University
  • NYS Certification in School Psychology

School psychologists provide direct support and interventions to students, consult with teachers, families, and other school-employed mental health professionals (i.e., school counselors, school social workers) to improve support strategies, work with school administrators to improve school-wide practices and policies, and collaborate with community providers to coordinate needed services.

Laura Wadsworth

Titles: Elementary School Social Worker
Phone Numbers:
School: 585-335-4030 ext. 3413
  • Bachelor's in Sociology, SUNY Geneseo
  • Master's in Social Work, Univ. of Buffalo
  • NYS license in Clinical Social Work 

School social workers play a critical role in schools and educational settings. They provide services to students and families to enhance their emotional well-being and improve their academic performance.